NHC Days 2 & 3 The Gadgets.

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June 24, 2011 by fhsteinbart

Saw Some More Toys!

Even better  than the SABCO stuff (drool) and the all electric brewing system I saw down there (neat-0!), I had a chance to talk with the nice folks at Speidels about their “Braumeister” brewing system. This is by far the most innovative and compact brewing all grain brewing system I have seen in a long time.

The Braumeister takes brew in a bag to the next level. Instead of a bag to hold your grain and then laughter the Braumeister actually uses a perforated stainless tub that sits inside the kettle. After you have mashed, using the integrated heating element and temperature controller you either use a worm gear (for the 20l & 50l models) or a pulley (for the 200l model) to lift the mash tub and allow your wort to drain. When this is done you boil in the same kettle you mashed in. Pretty nifty.

The two downsides that I see to this system are:

1) The limits on how much grain you can actually get in there given that  this is a no sparge system. You cannot get above 1.060 OG without adding malt extract or boiling way down.

2) The Price. The 20L unit will rug you upwards of $2,000, the 50L over $3,000 and a whopping $14,500 for the 50L. Ouch.

Asside from the price this seems like an awesome concept and I can’t wait to see what similar systems are being built in the garage by all you innovative home brewers out there.

Some Braumeister Pics:

5oL Braumeister

20L Braumeister Taken form

Some more Cool Gadgets:

This interesting dispensing system was on display in the Hospitality Suite.

This generous home brewer shared some of his creations from a very portable draft system while we waited in a long line.

Inside this most portable draft system. It even holds a full size CO2!

Some of the most heavy duty HB mills I have ever seen by the folks at "Monster Mill". The larger ones just about took 2 hands to lift.

A new stand alone HRMS controller by SABCO with optional touch screen.

That’s all for now. I attended a bunch of seminars at NHC and plan to post more on those once I can link to the AHA’s lecture slides, but they are not up on the AHA website yet. Also sorry about the sideways images. The wordpress photo up-loader is a little finicky.

Cheers for now,



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