Blinded by Science: New Health Benefits From Beer!


May 12, 2016 by fhsteinbart

health benefits of drinking beerWhenever the neoprohibitionists want to drown out the fun loving beer drinkers, they always resort to clinical findings in a study of over imbibers or even frank alcoholics to shove in our faces to demonstrate their superiority and our lack of restraint. Well, science as a tool works both ways, and there are plenty of research studies which show that craft brewed beer, in moderation, is actually better for you than is abstinence. Unless you have biliary tract disease, or liver disease, moderate beer drinking should pose no threat to the health of the adult population that enjoys craft beer as their primary beverage of choice. Although men tend to fare better in the health front than women, the gap is slowly closing according to most researchers in the field. health benefits of beerWhile the reasons for the healthful benefits for beer are legion, the very best reason to drink beer is that it makes us feel good! As a beverage of conviviality, beer drinkers tend to be a very charismatic group, and contribute greatly to pub life, and better human relationships in public settings. In conclusion, all things being equal, craft beer is a better choice in the adult beverage consortium due to it’s ingredients, methods of production, and comparison to other less healthy alternatives including the so called diet and low carb beers currently on the market.


4 thoughts on “Blinded by Science: New Health Benefits From Beer!

  1. Roger Hill says:

    Several years ago I read in the International Herald Tribune about a study from the U of O,
    on the benefits of beer. At the same time, a leaflet was available in a Munich pub where I was having a hefe, outlining a similar study with similar findings from the Univ. of Munich (naturally).
    You should find them both and put them on your site. Cheers, Raven Hill. PS: Of course, it may
    be like preaching to the choir!!


    • fhsteinbart says:

      That’s a great idea Roger! Do you happen to have the links so I can pass it on to our other customers? I tried looking for those links but came up empty handed 😦




      • Roger Hill says:

        Michael, I’ve Forwarded your request to 4 friends, all good on the computer & all Beer Drinkers.

        Perhaps we will have some luck. Will let you know. Meanwhile, suggest you phone someone in

        the Science Department at U of O and enquire there. They must know, & should know of the

        Munich study also. An e-mail to U of Munich should also produce a result. I didn’t imagine this

        so it’s got to be there. I was living on Hollenzollern Strasse, & the knipe was just downstairs,

        so it was after 2000 and before 2005. Appreciate hearing from you, thanks. Let us know if you

        have success at one or both of the Universities. Brost und fil gluk! Roger.

        PS: About the phone call, sometimes it works well to be old fashioned.


  2. Roger Hill says:

    Michael, Since I posted this, I’ve not heard from you or Steinbart Co.??


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